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FauxCon 8 - confounding our enemies and delighting our friends
wedding invite

Many Fauxcon regulars are familiar with Dave and Liz, and their tumultuous relationship. The pair of them have attended every single fauxcon ever since meeting at FauxCon II, and wish to culminate their relationship with their family, friends and wellwishers at FauxCon 8.

Dave and Liz met in the AmberMatrix freeform in 2000 (although there is the distinct possibility they both were in attendence at Fauxcon I as both Dave's dad and Liz's mum remember being there with their kids). They hit it off both in and out of game, with their characters ending up eloping, and the two of them beginning a long-distance correspondance.

At the next FauxCon, they organised to be in a team together along with two friends, and spent every single session together. It was pretty clear to all the Orgs at the time where things were headed, and when they both showed up late for the Sunday 9am session looking flushed and blushing, it was pretty clear we were right.

Although a number of the young Moe lads were hoping otherwise, their long distance relationship blossumed. Despite Dave living and studying in Ballaraat, and Liz being a native of Omeo, they talked and wrote regularly - each FauxCon was not the only time they managed to get together, but it became a major event in both of their lives.

FauxCon IV saw them staying together at the Bonegilla Highway Hotel, and the renowned "all night freeform" that started when some of the orgs brought over the excess beer from the Saturday night dinner. At FauxCon V being close to Ballaraat meant that Liz got to meet Dave's parents - a serious step when you're talking about two nervous young geeks, and almost more nerve wracking than running their first game together (a 2 session D&D/Cyberpunk cross over). The less said about FauxCon VI and the infamous "Amanda" incident the better, but they worked things out.

Dave and Liz have always seemed made for one another, and when Dave proposed during the FCVII Lord of the Rings freeform, the whole crowd went wild.

Because FauxCon had always been central to their lives and loves, Liz suggested that they get married on the same weekend as the con, to make sure all their friends could be around. As these ideas do, it took on a life of its own, and the wedding and Fauxcon have become one and the same, letting Dave and Liz celebrate their wedding the way they want to.

So please join us and the happy couple for the FauxCon Flotilla and Festivel of Marriage!