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FauxCon 8 - confounding our enemies and delighting our friends

Links & Sponsors

Fauxcon would encourage you to check out the following sites - some of these sites have supported the con financially, others legally, and others just by acknowledging that there are probably negatives somewhere.

SuperEgoCon - "My mummy made me do this"
Its coming - the most eagerly awaited convention since VerbCon.
It has come to the organisers attention that despite fake announcements at other cons, and promotional material, ConCon does not actually exist. We apologise to any roleplayers who travelled to Melbourne before finding this out.
Booze, Boots and Boobs
This brand new men's magazine is sponsoring several events at Fauxcon, including the grandprize for the Wedding Freeform and the Meatwarrior miniature event. BB&B recognise that there is a significant component of the roleplaying community that fall into their normal reader set, and encourage all Fauxcon attendees to pick up a free promotional copy of their magazine at the rego desk.