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FauxCon 8 - confounding our enemies and delighting our friends

Convention Rules

The Organisers would like to ask all attendees to follow the following rules during the convention. By signing the attendence form, you agree to abide by these conditions - they are not intended to interfere with your FauxCon experience, but to ensure that everyone at the convention has an equally good time.

  • No weapons real or replica to be discharged at any time during the convention unless approved as part of an official event. This includes knitting needles and shoes.
  • No smoking inside any buildings or within 1km of the town limits of Moe, unless directly connected to a religious/cult rite.
  • No polo games on the croquet lawn.
  • Absolutely no alcohol or illegal drugs are allowed to be consumed without the express written permission of organisers.
  • Children under 10 must be supervised by an adult. Under absolutely no circumstances are children to be used as roleplaying props.
  • Do not operate heavy machinery while at Fauxcon as it may induce drowsiness.
  • A GM or tournament official's decision is final. Bribes must be made in multiples of $10.
  • Con badges are to be worn at all times, including travel to and from the Con.
  • No diving off the weir after 6pm.
  • No event at FauxCon requires baptism before entry.
  • No carnivorous pets allowed on the con site.
  • All Fauxcon attendees must maintain a blood alcohol level of at least .03%.