No Time Like the Present

Each year, FauxCon is run with a particular theme in mind. This theme permeates the running of the convention, the website and so on, and there are usually a selection of games that also partake of the overall motif.

This year, the theme is TimeTravel: No Time like the Present

The Con will be decked out in assorted TimeTravelling memorabilia - we've been promised a working Tardis as well as a replicia of the Time Tunnell. Assorted genre pieces, from the eras of the cavemen through to the the far future will decorate the area around the convention.

A number of games have been written with the essence of time travel being paticular to their genre - The Wheel of Time freeform is the flagship of the ConTheme games for FauxCon V.

We hope that you enjoy plethora of timetravelling events for the weekend, and that the Con Theme helps make this convention a unique memory.