FauxCon V!

Sponsors and Supporters


FauxCon V is primarily sponsored by the generous folks who bring us "Gamorade", the drink specifically formulated to give back what gaming took out.

After one particular Convention was afflicted by astoundingly hot weather, astute attendees noticed that despite the air conditioning, a number of gamers in for the long haul had been drained of their vital essences by the excrutiating conditions.

Surreptiously taking a sample of the liquid building up in the airconditioners' condensing tanks, they later analysed the sample to see exactly what it was that gamers were sweating out while engaged in the most demanding conditions.

And from that bit of scientific curiosity comes Gamorade - the drink specifically formulated for roleplayers and wargamers to give back what they lose during a convention.

Look for Gamorade at the convention canteen