General Info

Welcome to FauxCon V!

FauxCon's 5th year promises to be as much fun as our previous four conventions. This year we have a huge variety in both tabletops and freeforms, and a couple of very special events ready to go!

In keeping with our yearly migration, this year the Convention is being held at Steiglitz, a sleepy town in the Brisbane Ranges west of Melbourne and south of Bacchus Marsh. As well as being an easy travel for the FauxConners in the Western Plains, we're hoping to pull a few Melbourne folks out, and to make it not hard to get to for those folks from Gippsland too!

Trains run each day to Geelong, or to Bacchus Marsh, and from there, a bus winds its way to Anakie, or to Meredith. From there, the FauxCon orgs will be running a shuttle bus every 30 minutes. While you're waiting, why not check out the Anakie Faery Park, or the site of the Meredith Music Festivel!

What is FauxCon?

FauxCon is primarily a co-production of the Impotent Images Roleplaying Club (Geelong), BURP (Ballarat Uni Role Players), and the Science Fiction & Games Association of Moe. A number of other individuals, both Metropolitan and Regional, participate to varying degrees. FauxCon has been running since 1999, and aims to compliment Victoria's larger gaming cons by providing cheaper, less carcinogenic games in a smaller, friendly environment. FauxCon hopes to encourage new and regional Game Masters and players to experience gaming in a convention environment for our special low, low price.


Who would have thought that bilbies were that populous at Hume Weir? However, while FauxCon IV rolled on, a number of ConOrgs used their spare time to lay special bilby-traps in the bushland around the con site, and having been taking care of the surviving little marsupials since. We now have our own FauxCon breeding program for bilbies, and Roger II, III and IV, not to mention Rogerinas I and II.

Hopefully we will never again be in the position where the Con's mascot has been killed; at least without a replacement!

Con Rules