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Live Action WarHammer Fantasy

presented by WarOrCs and SCA

This year the Fauxcon Wargaming Organising Committee members (WarOrCs) have outdone themselves.

Taking advantage of the wide variety of terrain types surrounding the convention site at Fish Creek, they have arranged access to farms, beaches, forests and even the main street of the town for an entire weekend of Live action WarHammer fantasy.

Of course, the usual problem with this sort of event is getting enough people together to actually form an army; in a stroke of brilliance, the WarOrCs have contacted the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) and arranged for their members to take part in the event.

How will it work?

It is essentially important that entrants to the event send in their army well in advance so that appropriate equipment can be organised before the convention.

Terrain Sites include..

  • Shallow Inlet: several kilometers of beach dune foreshore and a tidal inlet allow for several "take/defend the beach" scenarios.
  • Beard's Hill: about a kilometer to the east of the convention site, the orgs have permission to construct a couple of small forts on site.
  • Tarwin falls: a small river gorge, this site is easily modifiable to simulate a narrow mountain pass.

On the Friday morning, each general will setup their minis for the aesthetic competition. (see the downloadable judging criteria). Once the judges have had a chance to evaluate each entrant, they will be assigned up to 20 SCA members to equip and body paint in preparation for the weekend's battle. In cases where armies are larger than 20 figures, players will have to supply their own troops - please note this on your army list when submitting it. It is expected that the painting process will take most of the rest of Friday.

Terrains and battles will be randomly assigned (see sidebar). Those generals beginning battle before dawn on the Saturday will be able to be transported to their locations from 4am onward.

Battles will be scored on missions accomplished and troops remaining. Recruiting drives are permitted through the convention site, but any troop killed in battle can not participate further in the event. Press-ganging other entrants into a troop is not explicitly forbidden, but is frowned upon. Capturing enemy troops and commanders is restricted to units with at least two points of similarity.

Final battle

The final battle will be held in Fish Creek itself. The two remaining generals and their troops will be given a mission goal that will involve the town and 5 hours to accomplish it. Up to two secondary commanders can be designated for this battle, but missile weapons are forbidden due to the danger to the town.

Adult Content: M
Characterisation: 0
Genre Knowledge: 5
Rules Knowledge: 5
Seriousness: 3