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Dad's Army Goes Commando

The Day has finally come! But not the way the lads of the Walmingham-on-Sea Local Defense Guard envisioned....

We're dooomed

Across the channel, 4 English spies are being pursued by the German forces. No other military units will be able to rescue them until too late. And so Captain Mainwaring has 'volunteered' you all for a secret mission.

'ere, are we going to be back for supper, cos my mum won't let me out late!?

Now equipped with real guns - but without bullets - and the local fishing trawler - painted black - they will be creeping across the dark choppy waters of the chanel and under the very noses of the Reich, at which point Captain Mainwaring has promised... special... uniforms to help escape notice.

You stupid boy!

A single session GURPS scenario for 4-8 players

Sir, can I be excused?

Adult Content: G
Characterisation: 3
Genre Knowledge: 3