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Barry Munchausen


"Now, Barry was a cousin of Crooked Mick, and he was headed out to the Speewah Station to take Mick his present from the grandma. Seeing as how he was goin' that way anyhow, the local copper asked if he could help mark the new roadway through the bush. So Barry heads out, idly knocking down trees with the blunt side of his hatchett when he finds himself blocked by a pretty big boulder."

"Now Barry was a man who never let a little thing like a boulder get in his way, so he levered it out of the ground with the hatchett handle and lashed it to his horse with his belt. Now the horse started pullin' and tuggin' away, but the boulder kept getting stuck on the big gums, so Barry gets off and starts shovin' from behind it. He's half way there and figures its lunch time, so he comes around the front to find that his horse has given up pullin' and is just standin' there on top of that big old rock while Barry pushed."


Come 'long for an arvo of barbie, beer and bullshit with the drovers of Speewah Station, biggest and best block back o' Burke.

Adult Content: G - more or less
Characterisation: .5
Genre Knowledge: 2
Rules Knowledge: 0
Seriousness: 1