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The Amazing Race - Fauxcon Edition

A polymorphic game for 11 teams of two

Welcome to Fish Creek, Victoria, gateway to the spectacular Wilson's Promontory National Park. Fauxcon IX is the ninth Pit Stop in a race around the Cons.


.... "Play It" or "Volunteer".....

In "Play It", teams must identify a game needing additional players, successfully register for the session, and pay the required entry fees. They must then make their way on foot to the correct caravan, and complete the GM's scenario. When a correctly completed caravan form is returned to the Registration desk, they will receive their next clue.

In "Volunteer", teams must make their way on foot to the Canteen. They must restock ice buckets with cans of soft drink, prepare 50 rolls to the precise instructions of the Canteen Manager, then defrost and heat 50 sausage rolls and 50 meat pies to be served at the next meal break. When the pies and sausage rolls have been heated to the required temperature, they will receive their next clue. This task is more physically demanding, but depending on the team's ability, may take less time to complete.

*Warning- the last team to check in may be eliminated!*

Adult Content: Language, violence, backstabbing, relationship meltdowns, hysterics
Characterisation: Pushy, rude Americans
Rules Knowledge: Reading your clues incorrectly may lead to time penalties - or worse
Seriousness: Deadly. This is a race! There are prizes to be won!