Special Guest: Christopher Skase

"The Australian Elvis"

In honour of our special guest, we present the following triplet of single sessions games...

"The Chase for Skase"

A single session wraith game for 4 suicidal Qintex investors

The Mounties are said to always get their man, but even they baulk at following them beyond the veil. Four brave auditors have been chosen Skase into the ultimate tax haven. They have 3 hours to find him and the $270M and then return to their bodies, or be lost forever in the Eternal Darkness.

A story of murder and investment banking from beyond the grave.

"Escape from Marjorca"

A multimillionaire's plane has crashed in the pustulent hellhole of the Spanish riviera, and you have been chosen to rescue him. Your prize - freedom...

A single session paranoia scenario

The Qintex and the Dead

A single session "All Cash Must Be Hidden" scenario

Sometimes the dead are restless.

A task left undone may hound them beyond the grave. Sometimes the obligation is sufficient to bring them back. Back... to the bank.