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Con Theme Roleplaying

Fantasy/Historic Roleplaying

Assault on Smurftown GURPS Fantasy 13
Dragonbash 2001 AD&D3E 16
Pompeii By Torchlight AD&D2E 24
Return to Olympus D&D 14
Shrieker: The Wailing AD&D1E 25

Period Roleplaying

Fermat's Unfinished Theorem Systemless 24
Mississippi Murder Mysteries:
MMM1: The Clampetts Call of Cthulhu 16
MMM2: Bayou Patrol Call of Cthulhu 13
MMM3: Southern Angels Call of Cthulhu 15
MMM4: Murder by Moonlight Call of Cthulhu 14
MMM5: Steele Deception Call of Cthulhu 12
Walking Against The Wind Rolemaster 14

Science Fiction Roleplaying

Josie on the Frontier Star Frontiers 26
Service To The Empire Star Wars 15
Spacewood Manor Traveller 25
Y2K2: The Bug Strikes Back Systemless 14

General Roleplaying

Cybil Systemless 14
Dingo Capers 2: Across the Fence GURPS 14
The Green Bottle Adventure Systemless 25
Watership Down II: Burrow of Angels Bunnies/Wraith 36


Alphabet The Freeform Freeform 1Indiv. (20-30)
Innsmouth 95210: Deep One Hybrid High Freeform 1Indiv. (20-30)
Lord Of The Rings: The Unabridged Freeform Freeform 7Indiv. (90-220)


Furseal: The Alaskan Campaign 15mm Tabletop 3Indiv. (upto 32)
Renegade Legion: Interceptor Interceptor 1Indiv. (upto 16)

Card Games

Blue Heelers CCG Sealed Deck Blue Heelers CCG 2Indiv. (upto 32)
Mythos CCG Open Mythos CCG 2Indiv. (upto 32)
Xena/Hercules CCG Sealed Deck Xena/Hercules CCG1Indiv. (upto 32)

Special Events

Special Guest
Nuclear War Live Action Event Special 4Indiv. (20-40)
Hunt for Red Baby Jayden Special 4Indiv. (20-40)

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