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Game Friday Saturday Sunday Session
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Con Theme Roleplaying                
Fantasy Roleplaying                
Assault on Smurftown
Dragonbash 2001
Pompeii by Torchlight and
Return to Olympus
Shrieker: The Wailing and
Period Roleplaying                
Fermat's Theorem and
MMM1: The Clampetts
MMM2: Bayou Patrol
MMM3: Southern Angels
MMM4: Murder by Moon
MMM5: Steele Deception
Walking Against The Wind
SciFi Roleplaying                
Josie on the Frontier and
Service to the Empire
Spacewood Manor and
Y2K2: The Bug
General Roleplaying                
Dingo Capers 2
Green Bottle Adventure and
Watership Down II and
Alphabet The Freeform
Innsmouth 95210
Lord Of The Rings
RL: Interceptor
Card Games                
Blue Heelers CCG
Mythos CCG
Xena/Hercules CCG
Special Events                
Nuclear War Live Action
You are a:
How many sessions are you GMing?
Your fee :

Your fee is automatically calculated using the equation Fee Equation where:
n is the number of sessions entered as a player,
m is the number of sessions entered as a GM, and
a is 36.41 for players and GMs, 27.31 for tournament and convention organisers.

Enter Now, Pay Later

Because some tournaments will fill quickly, there is no guarantee you will get the tournaments you have requested. For this reason, no payments will be accepted until the first day of the convention. This will ensure a minimum of mucking around with additional payments and refunds.


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