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What is FauxCon?

FauxCon is primarily a co-production of the Impotent Images Roleplaying Club (Geelong), BURP (Ballarat Uni Role Players), and the Science Fiction & Games Association of Moe. A number of other individuals, both Metropolitan and Regional, participate to varying degrees. FauxCon first ran last year, and aims to compliment Victoria's larger gaming cons by providing the same high quality of gaming in a smaller, friendly environment. FauxCon hopes to encourage new and regional Game Masters and players to experience gaming in a convention environment.

BilbyRoger the Bilby

Roger the Bilby is FauxCon's special mascot. He made a guest appearance at the first FauxCon, at which he had attendees enchanted with his antics. He had promised to be back this year, mumbling something about "doing a bender".

Sadly, Roger passed away during December 1999, having lost a small dispute regarding abalone with some nice gentlemen down at Port Campbell. What little remained intact was donated to the School of Ecological Sciences, Deakin University Warrnambool for use as a prac demonstration. But his fond memory goes on in the form of FauxCon II t-shirts, of which $2 from each sale is to be donated to the Werribee Open Range Zoo.


FauxCon is run by Stochastic Inc., a non-profit incorporated organisation. What little time, effort, blood, sweat, and other gross bodily fluids are expended on the Con are all voluntarily donated (and in some cases, gladly).

All the FauxCon organisers are volunteers - people who 9 days before the Convention put up their hands because a man was pointing a gun at them. Because of the con's regional focus, we have endeavourd to retain the services of representatives from different regions around Victoria. Our current list of organisers are:

Con Rules

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